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The 7 Deadly Sins

The 7 Deadly Sins is a local Townsville performance troupe brought together by Laura Shum. Her vision was to bring together a group of Townsville's most talented circus performers and bring them to the Northern Australian Festival of Arts (NAFA). Her vision came to life in July 2021 when the group performed 2 shows in the Wonderland Spiegeltent. The Sins returned for NAFA 2022 and performed a new show over 3 nights. Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to stay up to date for what's next!

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Performance Description

The 7 Deadly Sins come to life in this epic display of acrobatic wonders. This collaborative variety show brings together a group of talented Townsville performers who will take you on an exhilarating 60-minute journey exploring the infamous cardinal vices. Watch the daring, bold, graceful, and spectacular acrobats as they flip, spin, drop, and contort on the dark side. A sensational spectacle featuring acrobatics, aerial arts, and fire dancing that is not to be missed. Unleash the adrenaline and be charmed and dazzled by this decadent escapade that will leave you wanting more. Get ready to be astonished, captivated, and seduced.

2021  Highlights

2022  Highlights

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